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New MBA Kick-starter coming!


Miniature Building Authority is preparing to start our second Kick-starter.  Many of you participated in our first very successful Castle Kick Starter.  We appreciate your support.  In early September we will be launching our second kick-starter “The Town”.  In this expansion we have several new buildings to start your towns, or for some of you start on your cities.  As with all of our other MBA products, they are made of strong cast resin for strength and durability, and these come painted, assembled and ready to go.  Just open them up and put them on the table.  No more projects to worry about.  We also have a great selection of new stretch goals that will add lots of cool details as well. So stay tuned and I will keep you posted.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Kick-starter page.  The site is not live yet, but coming very soon.


Miniature Building Authority, Inc.

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Attending Historicon in Fredericksburg, VA this weekend

MBA will be attending Historicon (July 16-19) in Fredericksburg, VA.   We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  We are bringing all the new castle items from the OCT kickstarter to include the new middle eastern and 15mm items too.

This will be the first show that these are actually for sale.  Additionally, we have all the prototypes in for the next series of buildings.

There are some great new buildings that you will have to check out.  We will also have some new Direct Terrain items delivered to us at the show that will be available for the first time.

Furthermore, we are going to have some great cash and carry sale items with limited availability, so get by early to make sure you can get in on some great deals.

Our modern figure line is almost ready to go.  Bobby Jackson the sculptor will be at the show and have previews of all the figures for the line.  He has done a great job on these sculpts.

Lastly, we will have information on the next two kickstarter projects that will be happening very shortly.

See you at the show.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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MBA Summer Show circuit

Summer shows are here and MBA will be attending. Here is the list of shows that we will be attending this summer:

Cool Mini or Not Expo
June 19-21
Atlanta, GA

July 16-19
Fredericksburg, VA

July 30-Aug 2
Booth 1752
Indianapolis, IN

We will have all the latest items, previews of new items, our Direct Terrain items, and updates of new projects that we are working on. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show. At all three shows we will also have our gaming tables set up. Come on by and have some fun gaming too.

See you at the shows!

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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June Sale!

Thank you to everyone for the great May sale. To show our appreciation to all our supporters, we are continuing the sale until June 20th. However, we have switched out the products and now have a new selection of our high quality MBA products to choose from in both 28mm and 15mm.


For our overseas customers, place your order using the mail in payment option. I will have our shipping manager get the shipping quote figured out and we will work with you on the shipping amount and send you a Paypal invoice for payment.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry
The Miniature Building Authority

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Our May Sale!

What a great time to pick up pieces from Miniature Building Authority and Direct Terrain. The summer convention season is coming and we wanted to get a head start. We have picked out some items from our MBA 28mm and 15mm lines at some great savings for you. Also, all of the Direct Terrain line is 10% off.

MBA Sale Items:

(28mm items)

10172 Dark Age Cottage  $44.95   $39.95
10192 Stone Piers  $24.95  $14.95
10201 Farmstead Walls  $59.95  $44.95
 10202 Kirk   $79.95  $64.95
 10709 Garage Block  $29.95  $19.95

(15mm items)

Restaurant - 15127
15109 Sawmill $39.95 $24.95
 15127 Restaurant $44.95  $34.95
 15130 Train Station $149.95  $99.95
15601 Vietnamese Village $99.95 $74.95

All Direct Terrain items are 10% off!!

This sale will run from now until the end of May. Not valid with other offers.

For our overseas customers, place your order using the mail in payment option. I will have our shipping manager get the shipping quote figured out and we will work with you on the shipping amount and send you a Paypal invoice for payment.

Also, the stretch goals from the Castle Kickstarter are now for sale on the Direct Terrain section of the website (not including the castle wench figures).

Thanks for everyones support and stay tuned as we have more exciting new items coming out very soon.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry


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New Miniature Building Authority items are now for sale

Miniature Building Authority new Castle Kickstarter items are now for sale.  We have fulfilled our first kickstarter project and delivered a month early.


We now have these items for general sale.  These are both 28mm and 15mm items.  They are made of heavy duty resin that is made to game with and come pre-painted and pre-assembled.  Just open up the box and put them right into your games.  No more projects.  There are several brand new Eurovillage buildings, lots of new castle items, new middle eastern buildings as well.


The castle items were a huge success and we have more limited quantities remaining after delivering to our kickstarter customers.  So if you are looking to acquire these items they may go quicker than we planned.

New items picture April 2015


Thanks for everyone’s support.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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The KickStarter Items Are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The time is here. The container with all of the new items is being delivered to the warehouse in the morning. We will unload, count the boxes and then begin the shipping.

For all of the pre-order customers:  If you need to change any part of your order, shipping address, items, etc., now is the time to let me know. You can e-mail me at I will be on the road all day today, but will respond later tonight or in the morning.

Thanks again for everyone’s support. Almost done with this one and a little more than a month early too.





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