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From the workshop


With the summer convention travels finished, it is time for me to work on prototypes of products that should be released over the next year or so. I often work on an idea when the energy seems right, whether that schedule matches our release timeline or not. So please understand that we have not yet decided when, or even if, these prototypes will become products.

Today I will be finishing and painting a new Ruined Townhouse D. This will be the companion piece for Ruined Townhouse C (10195), much as the older Ruined Brick Corner Townhouse (10112) and Ruined Tudor Townhouse (10113) served so well. Those earlier pieces have sold very well, but the time has come to replace them with new variations rather than order another production run.

The other major task on my bench the past few weeks is painting scores of figures. As some of you know, MBA runs a very large 28mm modern Middle Eastern game at Historicon and other conventions. Sometime over the past year, most of the figures we use for this game went missing. This included 50+ Taliban figs, 50+ Insurgents, Iraqi Police and Army, 50+ civilians, scores of animals and dozens of other figs. We have been able to purchase replacements for most (requiring many hours of my painting time) but we could use some help with sourcing a few. We have a shortage of modern Insurgent figures. Empress Miniatures and Stan Johansen Miniatures have some, but we are still woefully short. We did have some TAG figs, but there is no ready source available right now. If anyone knows a source for Insurgent figs, please let us know.

So today I will finish painting the Stan Johansen Iraqi Army (new) figs, with his Iraqi Police up next. Then some sheep….them some more civilians…then…

Tommorrow I will pick up the new bandsaw I need to prepare the foam used in making the prototype models. And it is time to buy some more foam.

More next week. Jim


2 thoughts on “From the workshop

  1. What is the building in the banner picture above, that is fantastic !

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