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From the workshop 09-25-2012

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A very productive week.  The new bandsaw and planer are operational and I used them to prepare the foam for modelmaking. (For more on this, see “How it’s done”)  Then it was right to work with the prototype for a building that will make a nice addition to the 28mm Eurovillage WWII buildings (Café, Patisseri, Corner Shop and Ruined Shop).  This is a two story house from Carentan and could be added to a row the other buildings or be used as a stand alone farmhouse.  No name for this one yet, maybe Carentan House?  She is all done, painted and off my bench.  Pictures will appear when I have the camera.

                Still painting figs for Desert Breeze as well.  This week it was sheep and Iraqi Police as well as some more civilians.  Still looking for more 28mm insurgents.

                Next up:  an addition to the growing 28mm Dark Age village.  This will be a Mead Hall, based on a re-creation at Wychurst in Kent, England.  Yes, it will be very cool.



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