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From the Workshop November 16th

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No excuses.  Well, one maybe – Kirk was hoarding the camera.   To catch up, I have completed several new pieces for future release.  There is no timeline for these yet, so this is all just to tease you 🙂

With the rising popularity of 28mm WWII gaming, we will be reinforcing our current line that now includes the Cafe, Corner Shop and Ruined Cafe (the Patisseri is currently OOS).  Additions will include a 28mm version of the 15mm Restaurant (#15127).  Also we will have the Carentan House to use as a row house or stand alone.  Ruined Townhouse D will also be coming.

Dark Age gaming is also growing, so we will add to that genre.  Joining the Dark Age Cottage, Dark Age Smithy, Dark Age Weaver and Wee Kirk, we will shortly introduce a Dark Age Mead Hall, based on a recreated building in Essex.

We are also revisiting our gone-but-not-forgotten #10103 Postern House from years ago.  Postern House II will be all new, with a look to match the Farmstead II (coming in a few months).  It is the same length as the walls from that set and can be used to expand the compound.

And speaking of compounds, how about this 15mm ME Compound?  This includes all four buildings with attached walls.  These compounds are everywhere from Morocco to Pakistan.  [you can click on each image to view a larger picture]


We are also working out a 28mm version.  The current plan is to release the buildings individually.

I think that brings us up to date.  I am dealing with a number of small projects for display and our event gaming  needs, so new product pieces are on the sideline.  More teases coming soon.  If Kirk doesn’t snatch the camera….


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