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Latest release in our Direct Terrain section: The Light/Generator Set

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The MBA line of Direct Terrain is pleased to release our latest product: The Light/Generator set.
DIR-078 Light Generator Set

Whether playing a modern Iraq or Afghanistan game, or the latest Zombie horde invasion – you have GOT to have light in the darkness! So, MBA presents the new 28mm Light/Generator set. This can be used as a generator by itself, or add the light stand and ta-da, you have a light set. The generator is cast in resin and the light stand is in metal. This piece does not come painted.

DIR-078 Light/Generator Set $12.95

Also, we have lowered the price on our Texas Wall Barriers. These are large wall sections. They measure 2 1/2″ long by 1 1/2″ tall. They are sold in individual packs or you can buy the bundle of six and save even more.
Texas Wall Barrier

DIR-063 Texas Wall Barrier (1) $3.95
DIR-088 Texas Wall Barrier (6) $19.95

Here's a few of the barriers in use

These products are not available to other retailers. They are only sold direct to YOU, our customer, via our website.

Also, if you are into modern gaming, don’t forget about the rest of our accessories at:

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