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Direct Terrain releases store detail sets

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Miniature Building Authority’s Direct Terrain line of products has released four sets of products for our convenience store (10905). You can now fully detail out your store for any modern day scenario from gang fights to zombie apocalypse.  They are for both the interior and exterior of the store.  These are all made of durable resin and come unpainted.  Figures are not included.

DIR-049 Convenience Store Furnishings #1

DIR-049    Convenience Store Furnishings #1        $9.95
consists of counter and two shelf units

DIR-050 Convenience Store Furnishings #2

DIR-050    Convenience Store Furnishings #2        $7.95
includes one end shelf unit and two reach in cooler door sections

DIR-051 Convenience Store Furnishings #3

DIR-051  Convenience Store Furnishings #3        $6.95
includes a video game, drink dispenser counter and ice cream reach in freezer

DIR-052 Store exterior set

DIR-052  Store exterior set        $9.95
includes one propane tank storage cage, one ice machine, one double  newspaper dispenser, one soda machine, and one trash can

All are in stock and ready to ship.  While on the website don’t forget to  check out the other great products from Miniature Building Authority.

Jim, Kirk, Claudia, and Parry

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