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Miniature Building Authority has two huge announcements

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First, we are now taking preorders on our new items which should be here in two to three weeks. We will have models of all of these at Cold Wars as well.  In addition to the new items we have a few restocks as well.  This link will take you to all of the new items coming out.


These items will be shipped as soon as we receive them. Also, any current items that are added on the same order will ship with the new items. Furthermore, any order placed before March 5th will get an additional 10% off on your order if you preorder any item. This will be on the whole order. This offer is not good with any other offers. This will be done manually. We will deduct the discount before processing your card. If you pay via Paypal, we will refund the difference. The items featured with this press release are the 28mm Farmstead II, 15mm Russian Church, and the 15mm Italian Clock Tower.

The second huge announcement is that we are having to change our pricing structure. Do to ever increasing costs, we can no longer sell through distribution and keep the value of our products. What does this mean for the consumer…lower prices.  Our new items that you can preorder now are all at the new price. I have also gone back and adjusted all prices on current products. These are now the standard prices.

If you are a retail brick and mortar store and carry or would like to carry our products, please contact kirk and he can assist you with setting up an account for your store.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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