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New 15mm items at Miniature Building Authority


Miniature Building Authority announces that the 15mm Farmstead II and the 15mm Train Station are now for sale. These are all pre-painted and pre-assembled ready to put on the table and game. The larger buildings upper portion removes to leave behind ruined versions of the buildings. The smaller buildings have removable roofs.

15130 15mm Train Station

15130 15mm Train Station $149.95
This set comes with seven buildings. Does not come with train track.

15134 15mm Farmstead II

15134 15mm Farmstead II $149.95
This is a large set. It comes with four buildings and two wall sections.
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Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

3 thoughts on “New 15mm items at Miniature Building Authority

  1. Do you have any buildings you would like to see lights in?

  2. Hi Chris, that would be cool, but almost all of our customers are either role players or war gamers and don’t need that much detail. If you have any pictures of some customization that you have done would love to see it.

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