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Miniature Building Authority announces upcoming CASTLE KICKSTARTER


You know the Miniature Building Authority! We deliver the highest quality pre-painted and pre-assembled buildings. Just open up the box, put them on the table and you are gaming in no time. No more projects. We’ve been producing fine miniature gaming terrain pieces since 2002.

Objective: to make available the best, most versatile, modular, highest quality, pre-assembled, and pre-painted castle set available in 28mm. These new pieces will be 100% compatible with our existing line of Castle Walls and accessories.

Timeline: The MBA Castle Kick Starter will run in March of 2014. Delivery is tentatively planned for December 2014.

Products: MBA will introduce several new items to make our castle system the most complete, modular and versatile system available on the market. Products will include a new Keep, Great Hall, Drawbridge, Barbican, Castle Dungeon, and Tavern Cellar. New town buildings, and many other exciting new products. Additionally, there will be great stretch goal freebies, and a specially sculpted line of castle wenches to add to your collection.

Be sure to bookmark this page for further updates.


4 thoughts on “Miniature Building Authority announces upcoming CASTLE KICKSTARTER

  1. That sounds awesome! Do you have any prices in mind yet? I need to know how much to start saving.

  2. I cannot wait to see what this thing looks like. My wallet can, but I cannot.

  3. What a great idea! We will be able to make a whole castle? Will there be interior stuff too?

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