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Gen Con 2013 Day 0

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What a great day!  We got up to some great weather. It was about 58 and warmed up to 74 today.  Unloading went smoothly.  The booth setup took a while, and by the time we were done we headed over to the Ram, a brewpub in downtown Indy.  They have embraced GenCon…. Check out this menu!

Digital Camera

We also picked up a copy of the Program.

GenCon Program

GenCon Program

This thing is huge. We set up 4 tables for gaming, a 15mm Flames of War, a 28mm zombie table, a 28mm modern conflict, and a huge 28mm castle and town battle.  Pics of these to follow.  Started letting people know about the castle kickstarter.  Lots of positive feedback on it.  Looking forward to the rest of the Con,

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