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End of Summer Sales from Miniature Building Authority continues

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Tudor Tavern

In appreciation for everyone’s support the second weeks sale items for our End of Summer sale are now ready.  You will have to stay tuned to see what is on sale each time so you don’t miss out.  Sales prices will vary from 20-50% off retail pricing.

This weeks sale is on our 28mm European Buildings.  Many, many of you already have towns and villages that you have started.  This week you will be able to add a few buildings and save some bucks.

Spanish Tiled Roof Stable

This weeks sale items:  From 15 September through 21 September.

Product ID    Description                        Old Price        Sale Price
10115A           Stable w/Tile Roof            $64.95              $49.95

10115B           Stable w/Thatched          $64.95               $54.95

10147              Market Stalls                     $19.95               $12.95

10167              Not Square Town           $49.95               $39.95

10177              Double Townhouse        $59.95              $47.95

10178              Café                                     $59.95               $44.95

10181              Ladd House                      $49.95              $39.95

10182              Guild Hall                          $69.95               $55.95

10185              Ruined Café                     $49.95               $39.95

10186              Corner Shop                   $64.95               $49.95

10187              Stone Alleygate             $69.95                $55.95

10189              Tudor Tavern                 $89.95                $69.95

These are great prices for a short time.  Get them while you can.


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