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**Castle Kickstarter Update**

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A lot of customers and friends have been asking about the status of the Castle Kickstarter that we are conducting.  It is still in the preparation stage at this time.  All of the pieces have been made.  The stretch goals are ready to go, and we are just waiting for our Chinese counterparts to get back with us on the negotiation prices process.  We will then have the prototypes in hand for approval and can produce the videos and photos for the campaign.  We are about 6-8 weeks behind from where we wanted to be at this time, but everything is still moving forward.

I can’t wait to share these new pieces with all of you.  This will be the coolest castle or walled city that you will be able to make with just opening up the boxes and putting them on the table.

I will be posting more updates as we finalize the prices and pledge levels.  So stay tuned and we will let you know what is happening.

Thanks for everyone’s support.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry

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