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Spring Package Deals – the April Sales continue!

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This week I am bringing you two more Special Deal packages  Our first is a 15mm Middle Eastern Package.  This includes our current product line up plus the brand new 15707 Middle Eastern Compound. This is a fantastic and useful piece.

It comes with four buildings that you can either put together to make the enclosed compound or when you add the other pieces make a nice 15mm middle eastern town.

Our second deal this week is a 28mm Dark Age Package.  Dark Age gaming is becoming very popular and this will give you a great village to game around.  This includes the brand new Mead Hall for all of those important meetings that the chieftain must attend and a great building to defend.

As with all of our Miniature Building Authority Terrain all the items in both specials are pre-painted and pre-assembled and ready to use in your next game.  No more projects.

Deal-03, 15mm Middle Eastern Special Deal Package

This package Deal includes 15707 Middle Eastern Compound, 15702 Domed Building Set, 15703 Middle Eastern Town Set C, and 15118 Wall and Fountain set. Then you get the 15706 Middle Eastern Town Set D for free. This is a $34.95 value.
Price: $204.80


Deal-04, 28mm Dark Age Special Deal Package 

This package Deal includes 10204 Mead Hall, 10172 Dark Age Cottage, 10190 Dark Age Smithy, 2 x 10188 Wooden Fence Sets, 10131 Tree set (4). Then you get the 10197 Dark Age Weavers house for free. This is a $64.95 value.
Price $334.70


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