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April Deal Days Continue

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Deal 5:This week we are adding two more package deals. Our first is our 28mm Middle Eastern Package. This has a lot of items to really get your middle eastern village going! This package deal includes: 10714 ME Wall set, 10718 ME building, 10720 ME Arcade, 10721, Small ME building with courtyard, 10722 Ahmed’s house, 716 Rug Merchant, 710 Large Domed Building, 711 Courtyard, 10712 Minaret, and you get the 10147 Market stall set and 10719 ME Townhouse with Dome for FREE! This is a $84.90 value

Deal price at $394.55



Deal 6:Our second deal is an Expanded Farmstead deal package.  WWII is hot right now and this is excellent terrain to fight over.  Also would work great for Napoleonic’s as well.  This package Deal includes 10200 Farmstead II, 10206 Rustic Shack, 10207 Postern Gate II, and you get the 10201 Farmstead Wall set for FREE! This is a $59.95 value.

Deal price of $459.85

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