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The MBA Castle Kickstarter update

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Our Castle Kickstarter has been delayed, and we are having to adjust the timeline. We have finialized the prices for the new items and are awaiting the resin prototypes to come in for approval. Then we will start having pictures and videos of all of the new products. The Kickstarter campaign as of today will run from July 9th to August 11th. I know this may seem like an odd time, but kickstarters are very time intensive propositions and we will be at Historicon right before it starts and GENCON right after it completes.

As of today, we are looking at March or April of 2015 for delivery. The good news is you will see that all of the pieces are done and waiting production. It just takes time to cast, paint and package a container full of small buildings.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know:

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