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Miniature Building Authority is now taking pre-orders on items for their recent Castle Kickstarter

MBA had a our first Kickstarter in October of last year for new MBA Castle items. These items will be loaded onto the cargo ship very soon and we are starting to take pre-orders on these if you missed out on the kickstarter. These items are pre-painted and assembled ready to put on your table and start gaming. They are made of heavy duty resin that is made for gaming. The new castle items are designed to go with our current castle line of products and will expand this into the ultimate 28mm castle available.

In addition to the items that were on the kickstarter, we also have for the first time new 28mm Middle Eastern buildings, 15mm Middle Eastern Set, and 15mm European sets. Here is the link to find the new items:


All of these are 15% off from now until March 6th. We promised the Kickstarter backers that we would deliver not later than May of this year. We will hold the same promise to you as well. These great products are coming and you can jump in now to save more money. If you missed out on the kickstarter, or wanted to add some additional items now is the time. Please note that all current items ordered with any pre-orders will be shipped at the same time when the new items arrive.

Thanks for everyones support,

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry