The Miniature Building Authority

Creating your world….one building at a time

Less than 10 days to jump in to the MBA Town kickstarter!

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diorama_country side WWII_web

The Miniature Building Authority Town Kickstarter is just about over.  We have funded and surpassed our 4th stretch goal as of this note.  If you love beautiful terrain for your games, Miniature Building Authority is for you.  This is your chance to collect our pre-painted, pre-assembled buildings at a great savings.  Some of the deals are 20% or more off of the retail prices.  This is your chance to get these pieces before the prices go up.  Also, we have some great stretch goals too that you can take advantage of.


diorama town_1_web


Visit our website at  where you can find our current product line!

So check us out before the good deals are gone.

Kirk, Claudia, Parry, and Jim

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