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So far so good, Parry & family are safe

Good news!  We’ve heard from Parry (via his Face book page) that all is well and they’ve survived Irma.  They have no power, but so far looks like they’ve not sustained any damage.

When it’s safe enough for him to go to the warehouse and see if any damage, we will update and let you know.


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Our warehouse is located in Tampa, Florida.  As you know Hurricane Irma is going to hit Florida and hit it hard.  As of right now, we have no idea how long our operations will be impacted and/or if our warehouse will be ok.

Our buildings are just material items and though costly could be replaced.  Our manager and friend, Parry Solomon and his family are in Tampa and not able to leave at this time.  They didn’t think they would be impacted and didn’t evacuate as it wasn’t mandatory.  We are praying that they will be safe and will successfully ride out the storm with minimal damage.

Please keep them and all others that are still in Florida in your prayers.