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Less then 15 hours to the end of the Castle II Kickstarter

The last chance is here.  We now have less than 15 hours until we are done and another KS is done.  So we ask you to take one more look.  Check out the Add-ons at the bottom of the Kickstarter. 


There some great deals to take advantage of.  We have brought back the 10122 Corner Inn which is the most requested building to bring back.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry
Miniature Building Authority


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MBA Castle II Kickstarter only couple of days left!

We are closing in on another successful Kickstarter.  You only have a few days left to participate and get the great deals on these new items before they are gone.   Highlights include a new Gate and Towers.  Tall walls are now available too with Siege equipment.

Also we have brought back the old Corner Inn for one last release.

All these can be found at:




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The KickStarter Items Are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The time is here. The container with all of the new items is being delivered to the warehouse in the morning. We will unload, count the boxes and then begin the shipping.

For all of the pre-order customers:  If you need to change any part of your order, shipping address, items, etc., now is the time to let me know. You can e-mail me at I will be on the road all day today, but will respond later tonight or in the morning.

Thanks again for everyone’s support. Almost done with this one and a little more than a month early too.




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The Atlanta Business Chronicle wrote an article about our Castle Kickstarter!  

We were recognized by the local business paper here in Atlanta, That was a nice surprise!

The company had originally hoped to raise only $30,000. Its raising of $142,000 makes it one of the more highly funded Kickstarter campaigns from Georgia this year.

Thanks for the mention, we really do appreciate it!


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Various layouts of Castle KickStarter pieces

The MBA Castle KickStarter  coming to an end here very soon.  I pulled out our castle pieces and made some fun layouts.  Not trying to use all of the pieces this time, but trying to make some interesting layouts.  This is what I came up with and hope to see yours when your KickStarter pieces arrive.

Thanks again to Eric at Break from Reality Games for the Grip Matt.  I like this grass printed one.  Just does need to be a bit larger for a castle layout.

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2 1/2 Days left!! MBA Castle Kickstarter coming to a close with a bang!

Only 2 1/2 days left to get in on the big success story of the Miniature Building Authority Castle Kickstarter project. We have already broken our initial goal by four times, and have some great awards already in place for our premium backers. Yesterday we broke the $120,000 stretch goal. Now each premium and super premium backers will each get the laundry maiden figure with tub and a fighting dummy to help train your knights. (Super Premium backers we will paint the fighting dummy for you) Also, the kitchen has been unlocked.

We have also added a new Stretch Goal of $130,000. When this goal is met each premium backer and super premium backer will get the Lady and Hand Maiden figure set (unpainted) ($12.95 value) and a 2nd Archery Target and a 2nd Fighting Dummy (unpainted for premium backers and painted for super premium backers).

…and finally a sneak peak at the $140,000 Stretch Goal. The blacksmith lean to. This great looking piece will look fantastic in your layout. Each premium and super premium backer will receive one kit. (Super premium backers will be painted) ($24.95 value)

Thanks for everyones support making this a huge success.

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Final 10 days! Let’s ratchet it up!

We want to give you, the backers, more options. So first, we are creating a super premium backer. Any backer who spends more than $1,000 on this Kickstarter project will get all Archery Targets, Fighting Dummies, Castle Wells, and Lean To’s painted as part of your stretch goals. That’s right we have found a source and are having them painted. (Note: the lean to’s will not be glued together. This is so that we can ship them flat. It will take 2 minutes to glue them together, but they will be painted)

Premium backers can upgrade their Archery Targets, Fighting Dummies, Castle Wells, and Lean To’s to painted ones for a small fee (Archery Targets/Fighting Dummies $3.50 additional fee per piece and $4.50 for the Wells, and Lean Tos painted per piece). All backers can add painted ones to their pledge by adding the cost of the individual piece and the $3.50 or $4.50 painting fees to their pledge levels.

Additionally, we are unlocking three new pieces that are now available as add-ons. First is the re-issue of the Corner Turret House. This is a great piece that has been out of production for around 3 years. Additionally we are unlocking the Dungeon and the Torture Chamber Equipment add-ons. So we have lots of great news for everyone. Thank you again to all of our backers. We appreciate you and thank you for the feedback.

Sincerely, Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry