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Massive Miniature Building Authority Sale!


We have completed our annual inventory, and we need to move some items.

All 15mm items will be 50% off of retail prices.  This discount shows up in the shopping cart, but does not show when you are viewing the items.

In addition we have a group of select 28mm items that are also on sale from 10-40% off of their retail prices.

This sale will be for two weeks only ending on February 2, 2017.

For our overseas customers, please send me an email with the list of items you are looking for and your country we are shipping to.  Then I will get you an accurate shipping quote.

Not valid with any other offers.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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End of Summer Sales from Miniature Building Authority continues week 3

In appreciation for everyone’s support the third weeks sale items for our End of Summer sale are now ready.  You will have to stay tuned to see what is on sale each time so you don’t miss out.  Sales prices will vary from 20-50% off retail pricing.

The weeks sale is on our 28mm High Adventure Buildings and Terrain.  This is the perfect time to build your pirate raiding village, or many people use them for either Napoleon’s Spanish wars, or even roman buildings.   Lot’s of versatility with these buildings.

This weeks sale itemsSeptember 22nd through September 28th
Product ID
Old Price
Sale Price

These are great prices that are here only for a short time. Get them while you can.

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Announcing our End Of Summer Sales!

In appreciation for everyone’s support this summer, MBA is having a different sale each week for the next few weeks.  You will have to stay-tuned to see what is on sale each time so you don’t miss out.  Sales prices will vary from 20-50% off retail pricing.

The first weeks sale is on our 28mm Modern Buildings.  We have some great buildings that many of you have seen used in our Iraq game, or would work great in a zombie game as well.


There are more and more modern scenarios out there and our buildings will give you the awesome pre-painted, pre-assembled terrain you need for whatever scenario or rule set you are playing.

These prices will only last a short time, get them while you can.

 This weeks sale items
September 5th through 14 September.
Product ID
Old Price
Sale Price
Convenience Store
Gas Pump Island
Car on Blocks
Bldg Modernization kit
Apartment Building
Office Building
Office Building 2nd FL
Office Building Ruin

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Concrete Tower now available from Direct Terrain

Miniature Building Authority’s line of Direct Terrain has added a new item to the line up for modern warfare.  The 28mm Concrete Tower is now available.  This piece has a removable roof to allow access to the top floor.  It stands six inches tall.  It does not come painted.

DIR-090    $19.95

This will go great with any Combat Outpost or Forward Operating Base scenario.  Can easily be used with the T-walls (DIR-023) or the Hesco Barriers (DIR-024).

These and all of our Direct Terrain items can be found on our website. The Concrete Tower and all of our Direct Terrain items will be on hand at Historicon.  So come by and check them out.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry.


From the workshop

With the summer convention travels finished, it is time for me to work on prototypes of products that should be released over the next year or so. I often work on an idea when the energy seems right, whether that schedule matches our release timeline or not. So please understand that we have not yet decided when, or even if, these prototypes will become products.

Today I will be finishing and painting a new Ruined Townhouse D. This will be the companion piece for Ruined Townhouse C (10195), much as the older Ruined Brick Corner Townhouse (10112) and Ruined Tudor Townhouse (10113) served so well. Those earlier pieces have sold very well, but the time has come to replace them with new variations rather than order another production run.

The other major task on my bench the past few weeks is painting scores of figures. As some of you know, MBA runs a very large 28mm modern Middle Eastern game at Historicon and other conventions. Sometime over the past year, most of the figures we use for this game went missing. This included 50+ Taliban figs, 50+ Insurgents, Iraqi Police and Army, 50+ civilians, scores of animals and dozens of other figs. We have been able to purchase replacements for most (requiring many hours of my painting time) but we could use some help with sourcing a few. We have a shortage of modern Insurgent figures. Empress Miniatures and Stan Johansen Miniatures have some, but we are still woefully short. We did have some TAG figs, but there is no ready source available right now. If anyone knows a source for Insurgent figs, please let us know.

So today I will finish painting the Stan Johansen Iraqi Army (new) figs, with his Iraqi Police up next. Then some sheep….them some more civilians…then…

Tommorrow I will pick up the new bandsaw I need to prepare the foam used in making the prototype models. And it is time to buy some more foam.

More next week. Jim