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Stray Dogs now available!!


Miniature Building Authority now has Stray Dogs available in our growing figure and animal line. These are 28mm.

You get one dog standing, one dog lying down and a puppy in a box! Dogs are always needed in all genres…so grab some and add them to your tables.

These are made of metal and come unpainted.

DIR-197 Stray Dogs (3) $9.95

Also, don’t forget about our 15mm Sale. MBA is getting out of the 15mm market. All of the 15mm buildings are going.  Some are already gone. If you want 15mm buildings this is the last chance to get them from MBA and at a great price.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry
Miniature Building Authority




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MBA Castle II Kickstarter only couple of days left!

We are closing in on another successful Kickstarter.  You only have a few days left to participate and get the great deals on these new items before they are gone.   Highlights include a new Gate and Towers.  Tall walls are now available too with Siege equipment.

Also we have brought back the old Corner Inn for one last release.

All these can be found at:




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15mm Super Sale

Miniature Building Authority is having a super sale on all of our 15mm items.  This is a 25% off sale.  The sale will run from now until September 6th.  So take advantage of these great savings and grab some awesome pre-painted and pre-assembled ready to use right out of the box terrain.

15mm super sale art work

For orders outside the USA, please email a list of items you want to order and I will get you a correct shipping quote.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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Our May Sale!

What a great time to pick up pieces from Miniature Building Authority and Direct Terrain. The summer convention season is coming and we wanted to get a head start. We have picked out some items from our MBA 28mm and 15mm lines at some great savings for you. Also, all of the Direct Terrain line is 10% off.

MBA Sale Items:

(28mm items)

10172 Dark Age Cottage  $44.95   $39.95
10192 Stone Piers  $24.95  $14.95
10201 Farmstead Walls  $59.95  $44.95
 10202 Kirk   $79.95  $64.95
 10709 Garage Block  $29.95  $19.95

(15mm items)

Restaurant - 15127
15109 Sawmill $39.95 $24.95
 15127 Restaurant $44.95  $34.95
 15130 Train Station $149.95  $99.95
15601 Vietnamese Village $99.95 $74.95

All Direct Terrain items are 10% off!!

This sale will run from now until the end of May. Not valid with other offers.

For our overseas customers, place your order using the mail in payment option. I will have our shipping manager get the shipping quote figured out and we will work with you on the shipping amount and send you a Paypal invoice for payment.

Also, the stretch goals from the Castle Kickstarter are now for sale on the Direct Terrain section of the website (not including the castle wench figures).

Thanks for everyones support and stay tuned as we have more exciting new items coming out very soon.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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$100,000 broken on second day!!!

Thank you backers. You keep breaking new stretch goals and make this a very exciting time for you and we here at MBA. All premium backers just earned the Animal Lean To Pen. This is an awesome little detail kit that will be a great addition to your castle. You also unlocked the 135 Degree Towers. These are one of my personal favorites in the new series.

Looking forward to seeing some great designs with these in your layouts.

Here is a review of all the stretch goal goodies the premium level customers are getting as part of their pledges.

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Castle KickStarter update November 4, 2013

Many of you don’t know that Miniature Building Authority is joining the ever growing group of companies to do a Kickstarter campaign.  We have thought long and hard on what we should do for this project and it will be new castle pieces for our castle/town wall series.  We have had a great variety of items for this line, but over the years several pieces have gone out of production.  Also, what gamer does not want a big castle to set up and defend, or for you role players you might have to sneak in and save your buddies in the dungeon.  So Jim has been working diligently on producing the prototypes for this project.

Objective:  To make available the best, most versatile, modular, highest quality, pre-assembled, and pre-painted castle set and new town buildings available in 28mm.  These new pieces will be 100% compatible with our existing line of Castle Walls and accessories.

Timeline:  The MBA Castle Kick Starter will run in March of 2014.  Delivery is tentatively planned for December 2014

Products:  MBA will introduce several new items to make our castle system the most complete, modular and versatile system available on the market.  Products will include a new Keep, Great Hall, Drawbridge, Barbican, Castle Dungeon, Tavern Cellar, New town building, and many other exciting new products.  Additionally, there will be great stretch goal freebies, and a specially sculpted line of castle wenches to add to your collection.

This week Jim has left me the prototypes to play with.  I’m just a big kid in the old candy store.  My goal is to develop the pledge levels for the Kickstarter.  The Barbican level, though the easiest is done.  The large castle pledge level is also done.  Now I just have the small castle and the medium castle pledge levels left to work on.  Here are some pictures from the layouts.  As you can see Jim has completed the new Keep or Tower House, The Great Hall, Draw Bridge, Lady’s Chapel, Kenser Arms Inn, kitchen, and the 135 degree tower.   There is so much variety now.  I can’t wait until the real ones are here.  So stay tuned more items are on the way.