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Concrete Tower now available from Direct Terrain

Miniature Building Authority’s line of Direct Terrain has added a new item to the line up for modern warfare.  The 28mm Concrete Tower is now available.  This piece has a removable roof to allow access to the top floor.  It stands six inches tall.  It does not come painted.

DIR-090    $19.95

This will go great with any Combat Outpost or Forward Operating Base scenario.  Can easily be used with the T-walls (DIR-023) or the Hesco Barriers (DIR-024).

These and all of our Direct Terrain items can be found on our website. The Concrete Tower and all of our Direct Terrain items will be on hand at Historicon.  So come by and check them out.

Thanks for everyone’s support.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry.

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More 15mm Italian Village pieces are available from MBA

The 15138 Italian Clock Tower and the 15137 Italian Farm houses are now ready for your tables.  These will give you more buildings to flush out your Italian villages.  The Clock tower is almost 10″ tall.  What an awesome location to put the sniper or artillery spotter.

As with all of our MBA buildings they come fully painted and assembled.  These convert into ruins when you remove the roof sections.

15137    Italian Farm Houses    $51.95

15138    Italian Clock Tower    $74.95

These and all of our other buildings can be found at our website.  We will be at Historicon and GENCON this summer so you will be able to stop by and see all of the new products.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry.

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Excitement at Origins on Wednesday

Well, it’s a good thing that those men in black, I mean, Kirk and Jim were there with their Special Operations vehicle.  Apparently there was a small electrical fire or something along that line at the convention center and everyone had to be evacuated from the building.

Not once, but twice.


Hopefully tomorrow (and the rest of the show) will be less eventful.