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New Direct Terrain walls

More new items from our Direct Terrain line today. Over the years we have been asked to do smaller walls that match our regular MBA wall sets. Today we are bringing you four of these products. We have two Middle Eastern short walls, one with door and one without. We also have two Farmstead short walls that match our newest Farmstead wall set. These are unpainted and sold individually. They will give you lots of flexibility in creating tighter courtyards and alley ways. Here are the links:

DIR-103 Middle Eastern Short Wall $2.95



DIR-104 Middle Eastern Short Wall with Door $3.50



Farmstead Short Wall

DIR-105 Farmstead short wall $3.50
(does NOT come painted)



DIR-106 Farmstead short end wall $4.25
(does not come painted, nor with figure)


These and all of our line of Direct Terrain can be found only at: our website

We will be vending at Cool Mini or Not Expo in our home town of Atlanta, GA from May 23-25. Come by and check out all of the fun. You can get more information here at

Thanks for your support!

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry

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April Deal Days Continue

Deal 5:This week we are adding two more package deals. Our first is our 28mm Middle Eastern Package. This has a lot of items to really get your middle eastern village going! This package deal includes: 10714 ME Wall set, 10718 ME building, 10720 ME Arcade, 10721, Small ME building with courtyard, 10722 Ahmed’s house, 716 Rug Merchant, 710 Large Domed Building, 711 Courtyard, 10712 Minaret, and you get the 10147 Market stall set and 10719 ME Townhouse with Dome for FREE! This is a $84.90 value

Deal price at $394.55



Deal 6:Our second deal is an Expanded Farmstead deal package.  WWII is hot right now and this is excellent terrain to fight over.  Also would work great for Napoleonic’s as well.  This package Deal includes 10200 Farmstead II, 10206 Rustic Shack, 10207 Postern Gate II, and you get the 10201 Farmstead Wall set for FREE! This is a $59.95 value.

Deal price of $459.85

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Tax time and Little Wars Convention

Hello Gamers. We all know how hard taxes are hitting the bottom line this year. Also we will not be attending Little Wars Convention so we wanted to pass on some savings to everyone. Miniature Building Authority 28mm buildings are all 10% off and Miniature Building Authority 15mm buildings are 15% off from now until the end of April. This is for a limited time so enjoy the savings why you can. (The discount will show on the check-out screen)

For our overseas customers, send me a list of the items you want to order and I will get you a shipping quote. Each country has different box size requirements and we have to pack and weigh them to get you the correct pricing. If you do place an order and use the website to calculate your shipping you will be refunded the difference on the amount of shipping. Also this sale does not include Direct Terrain items and Special Package Deals.

Thanks for everyone’s support.


Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry

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2014 Catalog and Collectors Guide are now available

Many customers have been asking for the updated information and we now have them for you to easily download from the internet.

2014 Collector's List
2014 Catalog 2014 Collectors Guide

The collectors guide is a great way for you to keep track of your collections, see the status on our products, and gives you information on when they were produced and how many were produced.

The 2014 Catalog lists all of our current products with pictures. Also the back half of the catalog is our ever growing list of Direct Terrain pieces. Two fun products that will assist you with your decisions and collecting.

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Spring Package Deals – the April Sales continue!


This week I am bringing you two more Special Deal packages  Our first is a 15mm Middle Eastern Package.  This includes our current product line up plus the brand new 15707 Middle Eastern Compound. This is a fantastic and useful piece.

It comes with four buildings that you can either put together to make the enclosed compound or when you add the other pieces make a nice 15mm middle eastern town.

Our second deal this week is a 28mm Dark Age Package.  Dark Age gaming is becoming very popular and this will give you a great village to game around.  This includes the brand new Mead Hall for all of those important meetings that the chieftain must attend and a great building to defend.

As with all of our Miniature Building Authority Terrain all the items in both specials are pre-painted and pre-assembled and ready to use in your next game.  No more projects.

Deal-03, 15mm Middle Eastern Special Deal Package

This package Deal includes 15707 Middle Eastern Compound, 15702 Domed Building Set, 15703 Middle Eastern Town Set C, and 15118 Wall and Fountain set. Then you get the 15706 Middle Eastern Town Set D for free. This is a $34.95 value.
Price: $204.80


Deal-04, 28mm Dark Age Special Deal Package 

This package Deal includes 10204 Mead Hall, 10172 Dark Age Cottage, 10190 Dark Age Smithy, 2 x 10188 Wooden Fence Sets, 10131 Tree set (4). Then you get the 10197 Dark Age Weavers house for free. This is a $64.95 value.
Price $334.70

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April is our month for Special Package Deals!

We are excited that Spring is finally here and the shows and conventions are all starting. To celebrate, we are having a month of package deals here at Miniature Building Authority.

We have lined up a bunch of package specials that get you a cool start or neat addition to your current collections. These specials will run for one week each and then will be replaced by new ones.  So yes they are for a limited time only.

Our first two specials will run from now until April 11th, 2014.    Other specials will be rotating into the mix as the month goes along so stay tuned for some fun ways to save money.

This weeks specials:

Deal-01, WWII 28mm Package Deal: 
25/28mm Scale – WWII gaming package. Open up the boxes and you have instant WWII terrain ready to play and make your gaming tables pop. This package Deal includes 10178 Cafe, 10186 Corner Cafe, 10205 Carentan House, 10208 Lum’s House, 3 x 10130 Cobblestone street sections, and you get the 10201 Farmstead Wall set for free. This is a $59.95 value. Figures and vehicles not included.
Price: $330.65


Deal-02, WWII 28mm Ruined Building Package Deal
25/28mm Scale – WWII Ruined building package. Open up the boxes and you have instant WWII terrain ready to play and make your gaming tables pop.  This package Deal includes 10503 Ruined Farmhouse, 10195 Ruined Townhouse C, 10203 Ruined Townhouse D, 10196 Ruined Cottage II, 2 x 10130 Cobble Stone Street Sections. Then you get the 10188 Wooden Fence Set for free. This is a $44.95 value. Vehicles and figures not included.
Price: $268.70

28mm WWII gaming is getting very popular these days. What a great way to have some awesome terrain to spruce up the gaming table. You can find these deals and all of our products at

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry