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Two New Castle Layouts: The Brian and The Kelly

Jim and Kirk  have put together several castle layouts for different pledge levels of the Castle Kickstarter.  These can be found on our website at:


Castle Layout: Brian

Created from the Medium Castle Package
(note: may not use every piece in the package – only enough pieces to make one at a time)

Castle Layout: Kelly

Created from Large Castle Package.
(note: may not use every piece in the package)

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Cool new custom painted items from Miniature Building Authority

MBA is now working with a great terrain painter, Denise Haynes. She is extremely talented and is working with us to provide you cool new custom painted Direct Terrain and MBA items for your collections.

Each item is a unique custom painted item that has limited quantities. The Stone Cottage, Large Shanty and Small Shanty are all painted and ready to go. Be the first in your gaming group to check these out. Again there are limited quantities so don’t delay.

Next year we will have even more products available as well.

View Customs by Denise painted buildings on our website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kirk, Claudia, Jim and Parry

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How to add Building Signs to your MBA Buildings

Many customers have had an interest in our building signs that we produce.  I have asked Jim to paint up a set of them and now we are adding them to two of our buildings.

Step 1:  clean and paint the signs

Step 2:  decide which building you want to add them to

Step 3:  Mark on the building where you want to sign to go

Adding signs to buildings photo #1

Step 4:  Carefully drill your hole.  The hole should be the same size as the post on the sign.

Adding signs to buildings photo #2

Step 5:  Insert the sign and make sure it is where you want it to go.  At this point you can glue the sign in place, or leave it so you can swap the signs out for different scenarios or adventures.

Adding signs to buildings photo #4 Adding signs to buildings photo #5

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From the Workshop November 16th

No excuses.  Well, one maybe – Kirk was hoarding the camera.   To catch up, I have completed several new pieces for future release.  There is no timeline for these yet, so this is all just to tease you 🙂

With the rising popularity of 28mm WWII gaming, we will be reinforcing our current line that now includes the Cafe, Corner Shop and Ruined Cafe (the Patisseri is currently OOS).  Additions will include a 28mm version of the 15mm Restaurant (#15127).  Also we will have the Carentan House to use as a row house or stand alone.  Ruined Townhouse D will also be coming.

Dark Age gaming is also growing, so we will add to that genre.  Joining the Dark Age Cottage, Dark Age Smithy, Dark Age Weaver and Wee Kirk, we will shortly introduce a Dark Age Mead Hall, based on a recreated building in Essex.

We are also revisiting our gone-but-not-forgotten #10103 Postern House from years ago.  Postern House II will be all new, with a look to match the Farmstead II (coming in a few months).  It is the same length as the walls from that set and can be used to expand the compound.

And speaking of compounds, how about this 15mm ME Compound?  This includes all four buildings with attached walls.  These compounds are everywhere from Morocco to Pakistan.  [you can click on each image to view a larger picture]


We are also working out a 28mm version.  The current plan is to release the buildings individually.

I think that brings us up to date.  I am dealing with a number of small projects for display and our event gaming  needs, so new product pieces are on the sideline.  More teases coming soon.  If Kirk doesn’t snatch the camera….


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From the workshop 09-25-2012

A very productive week.  The new bandsaw and planer are operational and I used them to prepare the foam for modelmaking. (For more on this, see “How it’s done”)  Then it was right to work with the prototype for a building that will make a nice addition to the 28mm Eurovillage WWII buildings (Café, Patisseri, Corner Shop and Ruined Shop).  This is a two story house from Carentan and could be added to a row the other buildings or be used as a stand alone farmhouse.  No name for this one yet, maybe Carentan House?  She is all done, painted and off my bench.  Pictures will appear when I have the camera.

                Still painting figs for Desert Breeze as well.  This week it was sheep and Iraqi Police as well as some more civilians.  Still looking for more 28mm insurgents.

                Next up:  an addition to the growing 28mm Dark Age village.  This will be a Mead Hall, based on a re-creation at Wychurst in Kent, England.  Yes, it will be very cool.




From the workshop

With the summer convention travels finished, it is time for me to work on prototypes of products that should be released over the next year or so. I often work on an idea when the energy seems right, whether that schedule matches our release timeline or not. So please understand that we have not yet decided when, or even if, these prototypes will become products.

Today I will be finishing and painting a new Ruined Townhouse D. This will be the companion piece for Ruined Townhouse C (10195), much as the older Ruined Brick Corner Townhouse (10112) and Ruined Tudor Townhouse (10113) served so well. Those earlier pieces have sold very well, but the time has come to replace them with new variations rather than order another production run.

The other major task on my bench the past few weeks is painting scores of figures. As some of you know, MBA runs a very large 28mm modern Middle Eastern game at Historicon and other conventions. Sometime over the past year, most of the figures we use for this game went missing. This included 50+ Taliban figs, 50+ Insurgents, Iraqi Police and Army, 50+ civilians, scores of animals and dozens of other figs. We have been able to purchase replacements for most (requiring many hours of my painting time) but we could use some help with sourcing a few. We have a shortage of modern Insurgent figures. Empress Miniatures and Stan Johansen Miniatures have some, but we are still woefully short. We did have some TAG figs, but there is no ready source available right now. If anyone knows a source for Insurgent figs, please let us know.

So today I will finish painting the Stan Johansen Iraqi Army (new) figs, with his Iraqi Police up next. Then some sheep….them some more civilians…then…

Tommorrow I will pick up the new bandsaw I need to prepare the foam used in making the prototype models. And it is time to buy some more foam.

More next week. Jim