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Miniature Building Authority is out of the 15mm market



Miniature Building Authority is getting out of the 15mm market, and this is a great savings for you.

While supplies last, all 15mm items are 50% off of the original retail price. There are limited amounts of each of these items, so get them while you can.


We appreciate the support from our 15mm collectors and gamers over the years. At this time we have decided to not pursue this scale at this time.

Thank you for your support.

Kirk, Claudia, Jim, and Parry


2 thoughts on “Miniature Building Authority is out of the 15mm market

  1. WHY??? Why is MM dropping the MBA 15mm line? Seems that between Tanks!, FOW, AQMF, and others that 15mm buildings and terrain would be important to keep. Is MM bringing in another 15mm product line to replace MBA?

  2. Lewis, for the foreseeable future MBA is getting out of 15mm buildings. The sales have slowed and certain lines in the 15mm products were not selling. We want to put this money into other areas and new products.
    Kirk Stephens

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